6 Things Your Mother Taught You About Marketing

With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it would be fun to pay a special tribute to the women who raised us and recall a few key lessons they taught us when we were younger. We probably all remember them yelling at us to “stop slamming the screen door,” and to “eat your veggies,” but what you may not realize is how these little lessons can teach us a thing or two about marketing.


Let’s take a look.

1. Be Yourself

How many times did Mom say this? It applied to almost any situation we found ourselves in. First date – “be yourself.” New school – “be yourself.” It may have never worked out for you until now. In marketing, it is crucial that you be yourself, whether online or in person. Today’s consumers are savvy and they can spot a fake from a mile away.


2. If You’re Bored, I’ll Find You Something to Do

Oh, how we hated this one. Am I right? In today’s market, however, you can’t afford to be lazy. If you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs, it’s time to listen to Mom. Do at least one thing to promote your business every single day.

3. Go Outside

This one was probably screamed at you and your sister after one too many wet willies, but she’d be doing you a favor if she’d come by and remind you to do this every day. Creativity was born while playing with sticks and climbing trees in the yard. As an adult, there’s nothing better for hatching new ideas than to get out into a new environment and clear your mind.

4. Stand Up Straight

Literally, stand up straight. Posture is important in portraying confidence and there’s nothing better for marketing your product or yourself than a good healthy dose of it.

5. They’re Just Jealous

Remember when Jenny next door called you Fatty Patty? It’s true that kids often make fun of what threatens them and sadly, it doesn’t change much when we grow up. If you’re being berated by competitors, chances are they’re a little threatened, which means you’re doing something right. Don’t let it intimidate you.

6. You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To

Some generations seem to have gone a little overboard with this statement, but it all goes back again to confidence. Keep Mom’s words in mind every time you feel a little timid.

Thank Your Mom

Marketing is all about making yourself appealing to prospective customers in some way, and isn’t that what your mom always taught you to do? If you remember her scrapbook of your track meet participant ribbons and the way she bragged about your grades to her hair stylist, you’ll remember she was always in your corner, making you look better than you probably were.

Thank your mom today for teaching you the skills to become a savvy marketer, and don’t forget to hide those 8th grade yearbook photos. You’ll thank yourself for it when you take your future spouse to meet the parents.