5 Ways Your Small Business Website Could be Losing You Money

The web is an amazing place to reach customers, especially for small business websites. With a variety of innovative designs, creative ways to market and the abundance of social media- a small business doesn’t have to be an underdog. Many small business owners however make these key mistakes that end up losing them more money than they put in:


1. Not Mobile Friendly 
People are living in their phones more than ever- and whether they see your business shared by their sister on facebook or they ask Siri where the nearest bite to eat is and google brings you up- once they find you, you want them to actually be able to navigate your site. If they click on a link to your site and it’s a zoomed out, totally disarranged, not mobile friendly and definitely not readable site, they’ll probably close the window and go somewhere where they can actually get the information they need on their phone. That’s why your small business website needs to be responsive, or mobile friendly, so that it will adapt it’s size and shape to reflect what you want your image to be and they’ll be able to read it and get all the information they need.


2. No Clear “Call to Action” 
It’s all well and good to have a beautiful website and easy navigation, but with no clear call to action, all of that work that’s been put into the website is useless. People need to know what you’re selling and that you mean business. They need to know that if they want the best, most luxurious, high quality persian rugs in town, they have to get them here. It needs to be on the front page and be one of the first thing a customer sees, because without it, what’s the point?


3. Poor Design
Nothing turns off a customer like poor design. It’s not just a matter of taste. Design is more than fonts, colors, and cool animations- the heart of a good design is a clear, user friendly layout. Beyond that perfect color palette,  in a good design a customer can find exactly what your services are, exactly where you’re located, and what level of service you provide. If they get confused, they can just go back into google and find your competitor – whose website isn’t a confusing eyesore.


4. Hidden Contact Information 
Your contact information should always be prominently displayed and easy to find. If not what the point of having a business? You want customers to be able to find you, if not on a map, or by phone or email so that you can provide that service and make that sale. If they can’t reach you, they’ll just find another business they can get in contact with.


5. Poor Search Engine Ranking
Word of mouth can only get you so far. People pretty much find everything just by searching for it. If you aren’t implementing keywords in your product descriptions, or using SEO on your business’s blog- you might as well not exist. People will go to the businesses they can find and ones that they can find ratings of. People almost never go past the first page, and if they do, the 3rd page is as far as they go. If your small business website is not on that first page, another business is, and you can kiss that customer goodbye.


All of these things can be fixed by good design and content built into your website. At Triad Web Design Service we are happy to make sure that you make none of these mistakes with your small business website. From providing good, easy to navigate web design, to making sure you have a high ranking on search engines, you won’t waste a penny – and with our help, will hopefully earn much more than that.