SEO & website design: Everything you need to know

Your website is the center of your digital marketing world — the place that all digital rivers run toward. And of course, the largest of its traffic sources is generally organic search. Yet all too often, businesses don’t think about SEO until after having a website designed (or redesigned), and these sites are often sadly lacking on the SEO and digital […]

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10 Shocking SEO Facts You Never Knew About

SEO still keeps a lot of secrets for a lot of beginners out there, but even advanced users need to be constantly up to date with what happens in the online marketing world.  We’ve put a together a list of ten SEO facts you’ve probably never heard of before; however, even if you have, this is a friendly reminder.     […]

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Avoid Content Obscurity With 5 Traffic-Boosting SEO Steps

If you are creating stellar content, distributing it across the most appropriate channels on a consistent basis, and still aren’t getting the traffic results you expect, it’s probably time that you faced a harsh reality: If your content isn’t appearing on the first results page for relevant search queries, your target audience may never know it exists. Fortunately, just because […]

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Why Your Non-profit Organization Should Use SEO to Boost Traffic

  SEO services can help any business or organization be more visible when a consumer performs an internet search. By implementing SEO onto your non-profit organization’s website, you can attract more visitors and conversions that can turn into donations and clients. Three Reasons to Implement SEO Into Your Non-profit Organization’s Website Enhanced Visibility Implementing SEO is a cost-effective way to […]

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Submitting Your Site to Online Directories

Web directories for better SEO

Its well known that DMOZ directory is the best online directory. DMOZ, also known as The Open Directory Project (ODP), is a large, categorized directory of websites and pages, which is staffed by volunteers. Every website and page that is added to the directory has to be manually reviewed before it is included. Being listed in the directory is free. […]

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